Ready to rebel?

Sick of standing on the sidelines? Join the thousands of people that are already taking real meaningful action within Extinction Rebellion. You can contribute in many different ways and everybody is welcome to join.


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Take action

With direct action and civil disobedience we disrupt polluting industries and force our government to take action. This is what you can do to take actions:

  1. join the climate rebellion: from 11 to 18 October we are taking a week long of action in The Hague. If you want to join go to the rebellion page
  2. go to an action training: You can find all trainings on the events page
  3. join one of the planned actions: You can find the full list of actions on the events page
  4. contact your local group to help with organising actions. You can find your local group on the local groups page

Join a group

Our actions wouldn't be anything without our strong community and all the work happening behind the scenes. Join your local group or a community group to meet other rebels and help the rebellion in your own way.

Attend an event near you

The best way of learning more about Extinction Rebellion is to join one of our many events. Here you'll learn more about the climate and ecological crisis, about how we work and how you can contribute yourself. As a bonus, you'll meet a bunch of nice people who worry about the climate as well.

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