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No matter who you are or where you come from, you are welcome to our movement. At Extinction Rebellion you can do what you enjoy most using whatever talents, skills and experience you may have. And it is up to you how much time you wish to dedicate to the movement.

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The best way of learning more about Extinction Rebellion, is to join one of our many events. Here you'll learn more about the climate and ecological crisis, about how we work and how you could contribute yourself. As a bonus, you'll meet a bunch of nice people that worry about the climate as well. Check the list below for an event near you.


Apr 04
Cleveringaplaats 1
CANCELLED: XR Wellbeing: Yoga in Leiden
Every Saturday morning one of our XR Leiden team will provide a Hatha Yoga class at 9.30 am in the Lipsius building of Leiden University. The class is accessible...
Apr 04
Antoniesbreestraat 69
CANCELLED: Heading for extinction and what to do about it
Dutch follows English A talk about the reality of the climate crisis and environmental destruction given by people involved with Extinction Rebellion. We will discuss some of the latest...
Apr 04
Nijverheidsweg 6
AFGELAST: Welzijnstraining voor Rebel Without Borders
Rebel Without Borders april is alweer in zicht! We zijn al volop begonnen met het organiseren en voorbereiden van deze krachtige actieweek. De ruggengraat van Rebel Without Borders is...
Apr 04
Arie Biemondstraat 111
CANCELLED: Action Training @Lab111 | Nederlands
Extinction Rebellion (XR) is een vreedzame sociale beweging movement die de klimaat en ecologische crisis aankaart door middel van geweldloze directe actie (non-violent direct action, NVDA). Om je comfortabel...
Apr 04
AFGELAST: XR AxN outreach action
English follows Dutch Elke zaterdag tot aan de Lente Rebellie gaan wij op station Nijmegen of Arnhem staan om flyers uit te delen aan mensen over verschillende onderwerpen waar...


Contact your local group if you could not find an event near you or if you have any other questions. You can find the contact information of each local group by using the interactive map below.


Stay updated with upcoming actions, events in your area and news about Extinction Rebellion.



Your donation can make a big difference at Extinction Rebellion. Most of what we do relies on the generosity of donors. Because we are completely run by volunteers who are working tirelessly to fight the ecological crisis, we have little overhead costs. This means your contribution is directly used for organising bigger and more impactful actions.


One of the most impactful things you can do to combat the situation we’re in, is to tell your family and friends the truth about the ecological crisis, explain to them why you support Extinction Rebellion and invite them to attend one of our events. You will be surprised by how many people you get on board.