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Sick of standing on the sidelines? Join the thousands of people that are already taking real meaningful action within Extinction Rebellion. You can contribute in many different ways and everybody is welcome to join.


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Do you want to join our big national actions? Make sure you're the first to know by joining our WhatsApp or Telegram broadcasts. You'll get about one message per month on average. Each broadcast receives the same information, however, we highly recommend the Telegram broadcast because it does not expose your phone number.

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Rebelling for life is more effective (and fun) if you're organized. Find a local XR group in your area or join an XR community that you identify with.

Check our resource library

Can't wait to get involved and learn more about our movement? Here you'll find all resources to help Extinction Rebellion Nederland grow: from guides on organising an action to designs for your own posters.

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Attend an event near you

The best way of learning more about Extinction Rebellion is to join one of our many events. Here you'll learn more about the climate and ecological crisis, about how we work and how you can contribute yourself. As a bonus, you'll meet a bunch of nice people who worry about the climate as well.

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Want to do more?


Your donation can make a big difference at Extinction Rebellion. Most of what we do relies on the generosity of donors. Because we are completely run by volunteers who are working tirelessly to fight the ecological crisis, we have little overhead costs. This means your contribution is directly used for organising bigger and more impactful actions.


Invite your friends

Taking action is of course more fun with friends. Share this website with friends and family so they can learn more about the movement and also get involved.

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