Introduction to XR training

Introduction to XR Training or Lecture

3 July 2024

19:00 to 21:00


English spoken

Price: Free

Registration is required
Especially suited for new rebels

Come meet us online! Our inspiring introduction training will give you a kick-start within the movement.

You will discover:

  • what Extinction Rebellion stands for,

  • how the movement works,

  • how you can make a valuable contribution.

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🌍 Is the climate really in such a bad state?

Unfortunately, yes, and we’re eager to show you. The video Heading for extinction (Dutch) tells the truth about the climate crisis and its disastrous consequences. We also explain why taking action is necessary and worthwhile.

🕒 I think a 2-hour training is quite long. Can’t it be shorter?

We have a lot to tell you, but maybe you’d prefer to watch the Heading for extinction (Dutch) video first. In it, you will learn in 15 minutes why XR exists and what we demand from the government. If you want to know more after that, we’d love to see you at the training.

🏠 Can I also discover my place in XR offline?

Definitely! You are also welcome to attend a local introduction meeting. There you will also meet other rebels from your area. Check the calendar to find the next meeting in your area.
Registration is required


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