Open meeting: New Regenerative Cultures circle

Introduction to XR Meeting Social Gathering Training or Lecture

8 December 2023

19:00 to 21:30


Price: Free

Especially suited for new rebels
It’s time to put regenerative cultures higher up on the agenda! Working group Revive Regen is looking for people to restart the circle and give it a long and happy life. Read on for a short introduction to our vision.
The revived circle encourages our movement in living the 10 core values and acts as a library of all regenerative knowledge and skill available across XR. The circle helps connect rebels with the help they need to practice our core values: facilitating a healthy, resilient, and regenerative culture that is rooted in interconnectedness - within and beyond XR. In this way, we support the cultural shift needed to focus on the 3 demands to push for climate justice and progressive change. Through this shift we make sure rebels can keep the flame alive to stand up for justice, again and again... and again.

We want to foster and spread the word of circles and working groups that apply these same values and focus on practical implementation. Regenerative cultures can mean many things, so this conversation is always ongoing and we can use your input!

The circle also wants to help XR reflect on their own health and commitment to these values. So we may continue to learn, grow, and pass on regenerative cultures.

Do you feel called to be a part of this journey? Join us... and get to know us first in our open meeting on Friday December 8th at 19.00! Sign up here.

You can already read more about Regenerative Cultures here.


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