Rabobank likes to present itself as sustainable, but has been investing billions in mega stables, fertilizer, agricultural poisons and the animal feed industry for decades. The result is global destruction of nature, animal suffering, violation of human rights and enormous greenhouse gas emissions. In the Netherlands we are in the middle of a nitrogen crisis and farmers are saddled with sky-high debts.

After more than 30 years of predatory capitalism and professional delays, Rabobank thinks that the taxpayer will foot the bill. Do they think we’re crazy or something?

That is why Extinction Rebellion & Greenpeace are joining forces again. Together we demand from Rabobank on October 11: STOP DESTROYING, START COMPENSATING!


ūüĒ• Action throughout the country
We can already tell: it will be something special. We are going to take peaceful and civil disobedient action throughout the country! Keep a close eye on this channel so you know where you can connect.

+ Demonstration at Utrecht Head Office (from 12:00)
A large demonstration at Rabo’s head office should of course not be missed. It will be a fantastic day with a full stage program with a diversity of speakers. Everyone is welcome, from young to old!

You’ve probably noticed already: October 11 is a Wednesday, during the day. Have you taken time off from work yet? If you really can’t be there, don’t worry, we really need you to take action online in the coming period!


ūüď£ Join the action (telegram)

Whether you are taking part in the action or would like to be present at the registered demonstration in Utrecht: We would like to keep you informed. Even if you cannot be physically present on 11 OCT, will you help us take action online?

ūüéß Listen to the campaign special (Rebel Radio, Spotify)

We want everyone to be well informed about industrial agriculture and the power of Rabobank. And because it’s a spicy story, we recorded it for you ūüôā
Or read the whole story (including sources) on the promotion page


ūüĎ®ūüŹľ‚ÄćūüĆĺ Visit one of the many ‘get to the bottom’ events

Local XR groups across the country will be organizing the community meeting Get to the Bottom in the coming weeks; an initiative of XR Agriculture and Greenpeace. Through presentation, film and conversation, we get to the bottom of the relationship between the industrial agricultural crisis and the Rabobank. How do we get out of this crisis, what is the future perspective? Educational and connecting, that gives solid ground under your feet to participate on October 11!


14-09      Leeuwarden
16-09      Almere
18-09      Leiden
19-09      The Hague
23-09     Arnhem
24-09     Utrecht
24-09     Alkmaar
24-09     Breda
27-09     Wageningen

Keep an eye on the XR event calendar for more info!


ūüßė Do an action training!

Will this be your first action? How cool that you are participating! But make sure you have experienced what NVDA entails; Action training is essential if we want to ensure that we are and remain peaceful civil disobedient at all times ūüôā


14-09      Utrecht
16-09      Amsterdam
16-09      Assen
20-09     Utrecht
23-09     Eindhoven
23-09     Amsterdam
24-09     Rotterdam
24-09     Tilburg
24-09     Nijmegen
27-09     Arnhem
28-09     Utrecht
30-09     Amsterdam
30-09     Nijmegen


01-10      Leeuwarden
01-10      Den Bosch
01-10      Arnhem
02-10     Almere
03-10     Roermond
03-10     Nijmegen
07-10      Zutphen
08-10     Amsterdam (Greenpeace: Action prep crash course)
08-10     Rotterdam
08-10     Zwolle 


October 3



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