Nonviolent Direct Action training

Actietraining Training of lezing

14 januari 2023

13:00 tot 16:30

Rhôneweg 6, Amsterdam

Prijs: Gratis

Nieuwe rebellen zijn welkom
Ahead of the next blockade of the A12 in The Hague (28 January), we are organising an Action Training in Amsterdam on Saturday 14 January. This training is also 100% suitable for participation in other actions. This training will be done in English. We start at 13:00h sharp.

If you want to participate in XR's actions, it is highly recommended to have had an Action Training beforehand. Regardless of whether you want to take part in actions with a high risk of arrest or not. And even if you don't have that clear to yourself yet, this training is the place to find out.

During the training you will learn all about

🔴 what it is like to take part in an XR action and how we organise them,

🔴 what an Affinity Group is and its usefulness during an action,
🔴 what the legal consequences of civil disobedience are,
🔴 how we at XR view non-violence and where you draw the line,
🔴 de-escalation techniques you can use.

If you want to participate on the 14th, registration is not necessary.

Participation is free; equally, we will set up a donation jar for those who can spare some to cover the cost of the venue, coffee and tea.

After the training, there will be vegan food and drinks available from De Sering, so you can have a chat with trainers and trainees, and get to know your fellow rebels!


Important additional info:

There is a Signal group that includes everyone participating in the A12 action on 28 January. In that group, you will get all relevant information, including date and link for the action briefing, a packing list, important updates and so on.

You can sign up for that group here:


Rhôneweg 6, Amsterdam