General Meeting XR Eindhoven

Every two weeks XR Eindhoven comes together for a general meeting. The meeting is normally in Dutch but feel free to join and we’ll discuss during the meeting how to make it work.

We meet in the rebel base in Eindhoven. In consultation you can attend via Zoom.

XR Eindhoven Rebel Base
Hurksestraat 20-50
5652 AK Eindhoven

Send for more information and an agenda a mail to

If the gate is closed, ring 06 4659 3893.


December 7


20:00 - 22:00

Event Category:

Algemene Vergadering, General Meeting

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Algemene Vergadering, General Meeting


Extinction Rebellion Eindhoven

Email: Phone: 06 4659 3893

Rebelbase-Maakbasis Eindhoven

Hurksestraat 20-50

Eindhoven, Nederland, 5652 AK

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