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You are very welcome to join our group. The best way to reach us is by mail. Keeping up to date with what is happening within XR Eindhoven is also possible via Facebook or Instagram. Within our group we communicate with WhatsApp, signal and mattermost. Want to know what we discuss? Send us an email, so we can add you!

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About us

Extinction Rebellion Eindhoven consists of large group active rebels from Eindhoven and surroundings. Together we prepare and execute actions, organize talks and work to realize the three demands of Extinction Rebellion. Every two weeks we come together for a general meeting, and also outside of that a lot of things happen.

Below you can see five of the rebels from Eindhoven, to get an idea of who and why someone would be active in our group. Everyone is welcome, and everyone can contribute in his or her own way.

Extinction Rebellion Eindhoven


Donut Action Eindhoven - 3 April 2021

With the occupation of a round about we reached media all through the country.

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Extinction Rebellion Eindhoven
Toxic System Rave

On Friday the 27th of November we protested against Black Friday. On this day we, as consumers, are persuaded to buy things we don't need for impossibly low prices. This celebration of consumerism only benefits companies and CEOs. Not the consumer. Not the modern slaves. And not the planet. The toxic system of continuous and massive production of consumer goods and clothing creates extra CO2 emissions, excessive water usage in cotton cultivation and the exploitation of factory workers in the Global South. Throughout Eindhoven, in shops and on the street, we danced the Toxic System Rave to ask attention for this toxic system of inequality. The profit over planet mindset, allowing Black Friday to blossom, threatens all of us and all life on the only planet we have. We took action against this system of overproduction, exploitation and pollution and for a system of reducing, reusing, refusing, rewearing, repairing, and rebelling.
This action was organized in collaboration with XRNL Fashion Action.

Extinction Rebellion Eindhoven
Estafette van het Zuiden

On Saturday the 21st of November we kicked off the Estafette van het Zuiden in Eindhoven. As XR Brabant and Limburg we were supposed to do actions in five cities to ask attention for the climate and ecological crisis. We rebel against extinction until the government complies with our demands and therefore we blocked the Boschdijktunnel. Next to this swarming action, a momentary blockade of traffic to allow road users to reflect on the climate and ecological crisis, both literally and figuratively, we handed out flyers to passers-by and The Red Rebels did a performance.
This action was reported on by the AD, NU.nl, Eindhovens Dagblad, BN De Stem and Studio 040.

Extinction Rebellion Eindhoven
The Climate Pays

On the 30th of September 2020 we took action against extremely cheap airline tickets, excessively contributing to the climate and ecological crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic. Airlines still don’t pay tax on kerosine and there is no VAT on airline tickets, in contrast to tickets for bus and train. Up to now, aviation has been kept outside all climate treaties, despite its considerable share of CO2. The government keeps sparing the biggest polluters and therefore we rolled out a banner and handed out flyers to passenger and staff just before boarding.

Extinction Rebellion Eindhoven
Chalking Action

In April 2020 we did a chalk painting action on multiple days in multiple cities to ask attention for the climate an ecological crisis. With environmentally friendly chalk spray in bright colours we brightened our surroundings with slogans such as “Look up” and “For once, look, smell and listen”.

Extinction Rebellion Eindhoven
This makes our pants fall down

On Friday the 15th of March 2020 the official appointment of the new representatives of Brabant from CDA, Forum voor Decomcratie, VVD and Lokaal Brabant took place. Concerned citizens of Extinction Rebellion Brabant took action against the new administrative agreement, which lacks attention for nature and environment. The square in front of the provincial house was covered in pants symbolizing the people from Brabant who are concerned about the new policy. ‘This makes our pants fall down’ was our message.
This action was reported, amongst others, by NOS, de Volkskrant, Omroep Brabant, the Bossche Omroep, DTV Nieuws and the Noordhollands Dagblad. The action also appeared in the documentary Oproerkraaiers.

Extinction Rebellion Eindhoven
Climate Alarm

On Wednesday, March 17, 2021, the Lower House elections are held. Therefore, we organized the Climate Alarm in Eindhoven on Sunday, March 14, 2021. We made ourselves heard for fair climate policy.

The Climate Alarm is an initiative of the Climate Crisis Coalition. This is a collaboration of: Milieudefensie, FNV, Greenpeace, DeGoedeZaak, Extinction Rebellion, Code Rood, Fridays For Future, Fossielvrij NL, Oxfam Novib, De Woonbond and Grootouders voor het Klimaat. Throughout the Netherlands we made noise for the climate to let politicians know that the climate crisis should be our top priority!

Extinction Rebellion Eindhoven

Events in Eindhoven

Regularly there are meetings, lectures or actions organized by XR Eindhoven. Also, sometimes events are organized with the other groups of Brabant.

Oct 02
5616 LZ Eindhoven Kastanjelaan 300
Climate festival 2022
Klimaatnetwerk040  #Klimaatfestival On Sunday 2 and Monday 3 October, the Klimaatnetwerk040 is organizing the #Klimaatfestival for the second year. With a great full and varied program on both days,...
Oct 06
Welcome at Extinction Rebellion South
Do you already know a thing or two about the climate crisis and the approach of Extinction Rebellion? For example, have you seen the weekly welcome talk, which is...
Oct 15
Eindhoven Hurksestraat 20-50
Action Training Schiphol Actie Eindhoven
As long as Schiphol does not have a just transition plan to stop polluting and continues to oppose a green future, it is up to us to take peaceful...
Nov 03
Welcome at Extinction Rebellion South
Do you already know a thing or two about the climate crisis and the approach of Extinction Rebellion? For example, have you seen the weekly welcome talk, which is every...

This is just a selection of everything that needs to be done to build this movement. You can contact us for an orientation so we can see what else you can do, or just start coming to an event or action to meet our rebels! More events can be found on facebook. You can contact us by emailing xreindhoven@protonmail.com. We would love to hear from you!

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