Introduction evening new rebels XR Eindhoven

Introduction to XR Training or Lecture

12 June 2024

19:00 to 22:00

Hurksestraat 20-50, Eindhoven, Nederland

Dutch spoken

Price: Free

Registration is appreciated
Especially suited for new rebels

On Wednesday, June 12, XR Eindhoven is organizing an evening to welcome new rebels and give them more information about the movement. How do we help you find your place in our organization? Even if you are no longer 'new', but have not yet found your way, come and join us.

The program will look something like this:

  1. Getting to know each other. Who are you!?

  2. What keeps you busy in terms of climate - group sharing!

  3. Intro story state of affairs in terms of climate

  4. Pause

  5. Explanation XR setup and purpose

  6. Explanation XR Eindhoven with circles/newsletter etc.

  7. What are your expectations and what would you like to do

  8. Check-out

We start at 7:00 PM and expect to finish at 10:00 PM.
The language is Dutch, but if nobody has a problem with English, we will switch to English.

Please register, mail to with the subject, 'Intro June 12'.

You can find our rebel base at Hurksestraat 20, loods 50, in Eindhoven
NB. If the gate is closed, please call +31 402405224.
Registration is appreciated


Rebelbase Eindhoven, Hurksestraat 20-50, Eindhoven, Nederland