Luchtalarm = Klimaatalarm

Action Climate alarm

3 June 2024

11:30 to 12:30

Stationsplein, Rotterdam, Nederland

Dutch & English spoken

Price: Free

New rebels are welcome

Every first Monday of the month at 12:00 - when the air raid siren sounds - Extinction Rebellion draws attention to the climate and biodiversity crisis throughout the country. We want to make it clear that it is in fact already five past twelve.

This action is low risk. This means that it is very unlikely that anyone will be arrested, because we do not block anything and we follow the rules.


Important information

During all Extinction Rebellion actions and meetings we must respect the principles and values of the movement. Otherwise it is no longer an Extinction Rebellion action/meeting. So make sure you understand and respect the principles and values.

The action consensus is a brief explanation of the rules during actions. It is very important that we do not break those rules. Because that's how we keep each other safe.

During this specific campaign, we not only adhere to these rules, but we also ensure that we do not block anything and that we comply with the law. If the police ask us to leave, we will. That is very important, because then there is no reason for the police to arrest us.


Help organize

Because this is a low-risk event, anyone can help organize it. Even completely new rebels can help. That is why everyone is welcome to participate in the preparations. If you want to learn how to organize actions, this could be a good place to start!


Rotterdam Centraal, Stationsplein, at entrance of underground bicycle parking


Rotterdam Centraal, Stationsplein, Rotterdam, Nederland