Webinar: Introductie Sociocratie

Organizing in XR Training Training or Lecture

21 April 2024

20:00 to 21:30


Dutch spoken

Price: Free

Especially suited for new rebels

The sociocracy circle organizes an introduction webinar about sociocracy. XR tries to organize autonomous circles as much as possible in a sociocratic way. To give as much people as possible a first idea and the tools to get started with using sociocracy, we aim to organise this webinar regularly.

This webinar is for everyone who wants to learn more about the basics of sociocracy in XR, ánd for everyone who does not know anything about it yet! Unless specifically requested it will be in Dutch, so let us know if that will not be ideal and we can organise it (later) in English! XR aims for a structure where autonomous circles are organised as much as possible in a sociocratic way. To give as many people as possible a first impression about sociocracy, we try to organize this webinar regularly. This webinar is specifically focussed on rebels who have little or no experience with sociocracy, who want to understand better how XR is organized, and how to make decisions collectively with the consent principle. As a local group or XR community you can also request a workshop to get really get started with this! Send us an email at xrnlsos21@protonmail.com

What will be covered, among other things:
– The basic principles of sociocracy
– Consent decision-making and the sociocratic meeting structure
– The organisational structure of circles and roles

Would you like to participate?
Send an email to xrnlsos21@protonmail.com and we will send you an email with the link a few days in advance.

Hopefully see you soon!
Love and rage,
the Sociocratie circle


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